Monday, May 13, 2013

just squeaking in

the majority of the queen bee sweater is complete. Yesterday, on a nice rainy sunday,  I sewed and steeked the front and sleeves and sewed up the sides of the sleeves. Then, because I had just a bit of the brown left, I decided to add a little more length to the sleeves and make them they way they should be.

I still have one sleve to finish, and the bias tape to put on, and then I'll sew and cut the armhole steeks. The most scary part, if you ask me, because the armholes don't have any extra steek stitches to work with, just the "real" sweater.
The finishing will be picking up the edges with the green.

So, still a lot of work to do, but getting closer. I may end up putting it away for a bit, in favor of camp loopy (shopping starts this week), and hopefully, landscapers. (they're supposed to start this week too!)

I'm pretty excited about camp, this will be my third year, and I'm hoping to use it to make some christmas presents in advance.I  know Sheri will come up with all sorts of fun, she usually does!

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