Sunday, December 16, 2012

finally, some time

where we're not getting ready to move, moving, or cleaning up from moving.
Sure, there's still some work to be done. The hot tub movers will be here wed, the plumber and electrician some time this week to clean up some stuff on the old house before it goes on the market this coming thursday.

I've put my down time to good use by finishing up some christmas present socks. (that was some POWER knitting, I tell ya),  and working on this sweater that's been hanging around forever. It needed to have the button bands fixed, they were too big. Now it pretty much just needs some bias tape to stabilize the steeks. (I can sew now!!! I've found my machine), and some buttons, and it's off to my sister. It just doesn't fit me right in the shoulders. Fits her fine though.

I'm getting excited for madrona, even if it is to just shop a bit. I have a thistle shawl on hold to pickup there. (can you say "colorwork"?)

I was also pretty interested to hear that vogue knitting live is coming to this neck of the woods in april. I might even be inspired to take a class there. Sounds like they have some different, advanced things that might be interesting.

So, back to a somewhat "regular" schedule/life, at least until the weater gets good enough to start on the landscaping.........

In the meantime, I'll be hanging out here........

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