Saturday, November 24, 2012

taking a break from house stuff

a short one, though, and then it's back to work. The house is almost done, and we've gotten permission to start moving. It WOULD be nice to have plumbing fixtures, though, so, we'll have to wait to actually live there. There has been some knitting. I finished the gloves for my sister. No pic, she snagged them and ran off before I could get one. Don't think she's taken them off yet. And a stealth sock for a christmas present has been making progress. No pic of that either, it IS a present, you know. Yesterday, I was brave enough to go out for some shopping. I must have picked all the boring places, because it wasn't really too different than a normal weekend day shopping. I had to have a bit of a splurge for me, the latest issue of IK. Just when I stopped subscribing, it gets good. Check out these cute little glass sheepies. I saw them in the Pier One ad and HAD to have them.....aren't they cute?
I have to be honest, things may be a bit bloggy spotty for a while. We've been spending our whole day with new house stuff, coming back, having dinner and falling into bed. Good thing the new house is only in our back yard. I'll try to do better, really.......

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KnitNana said...

And I'm late in reading my google reader! Still, it's nice to hear from you and yay on the progress for the house! CUTE sheepies. IK is good? Must check it out, as I stopped the subscription, too.