Sunday, September 25, 2011


and free wollemeise!
the wollemeise is the prize for completing all 3 projects from the loopy ewe camp loopy. I'll definitely be doing it again next summer, wollemeise or not. It was a blast!

Of course to get my wollemeise, I felt the need to place an order. This yumminess is madtosh light in the dahlia colorway. I got it for the koi rama knit along that starts oct 1. I love kitman's patterns and I hope this will be no exception. The yarn is actually a bit more berry than pink. Trust me, it's gorgeous

I also got my anne kit this week. I love the pattern, although I might add a 3 stitch garter border at the top to keep it from rolling. The yarn, not so much. It's quite a bit lighter than the photos and has a dime-sized patch of white where the dye didn't take. Next time I'll just wait and get the pattern.

One more fun thing. The knitter's life list. So far it seems to be a pretty fun book. No patterns at all, just all about knitting, techniques, etc. A good bedtime read. Next to it is our version of the house plan. The other one is still out with the professional, hopefully we'll see something this week!

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