Tuesday, September 06, 2011

back from the beach

and baking too boot!
It never gets very hot around here, that's why I LIKE it. This week, we are having a string of days that are close to 90 degrees. Hard to think about knitting. It was sunny and warm at the beach though, and a good time was had by all.

Before we left, the mailman brought me this:
Mrs. Dalloway kit from woolgirl. I'm not that hot on the pink, but the pattern is great and by knitspot and there's goodies too.

I'm expecting a junkmail jackpot today after having it held since last week and a holiday in there too. (that's if the mailidiot remembers to bring it).
He just doesn't understand when he doesn't deliver my mail when it's supposed to be, I get antsy and crabby....there's YARN in there.
like, a sweater's worth of skinny bugga and the knitpics sweater kit I order for my winter project. I mean, REALLY!

I should also be getting my knitting with jane shawl kit soon. I fell in love with the pattern and just couldn't resist. Ok, enough yarn for now (NOT!)

The colorwork sweater is coming along, just sleeves to sew in and edging to sew on. The last class which is finishing is on sept 18th, so I'll be ready.
Now the attention HAS to turn to making (ACK!!) christmas gifts. Three pairs of socks and a couple of really cute little knit doggies, maybe more.

In news on another front, we meet tomorrow with a new potential contractor to build our house. Fingers crossed!

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KnitNana said...

OH! That explains why we're having Seattle weather right now?
Love the pink...and puppy is soooooooo cute.