Sunday, August 28, 2011

getting caught up

I know, last week I was MIA, attending pilates on tour. I have to say, it was quite informative and a good time was had by all.
The good news is, spending a weekend in a hotel makes for some good knitting time when you're not in class.
Here's my final project for camp loopy. It's a 800 yard ishbel in dream in color baby. I'm really liking it and I think I would knit this one again as a gift. Not too complicated but just enough to keep you interested.

I'm also getting caught up on the unique sheep KAL. I have about 15 more rows on this week's clue to finish. Not too bad considering I was 3 clues behind

Since the last time I was here, I also chopped up my sweater. No pics of that, it's still OTN, working on the front, but I hope to make some progress this week on that and then there's only finishing the seams and sewing in the sleeves. The last class is sept 18th, so I'm hoping to have some serious progress by then.

This sweater has inspired me to do more, so this week I ordered the dogwood blossoms sweater from knitpicks (in blue). I don't have any immediate plans to make it, but you know how knitpicks is, if you don't get it while you see it, it's discontinued.
I also used my last christmas gift certificate and bought a sweater's worth of skinny bugga from the sanguine gryphon. I just can't resist a good sale and that sitticus jumping spider jumped into my cart. Again, no specific plans right now but.....

This week should bring the mrs. dalloway kit, so we'll see what that looks like.
I'm also already planning on the next unique sheep KAL, which announces sept 15th.
love those gradience yarns.

Yogi says "WHAT it's labor day already?"

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KnitNana said...

Oh your Ishbel is lovely! I did enjoy knitting mine, too.

I was eyeing that sweater in Knitpicks myself, tho' I was also looking at the vest...