Sunday, July 10, 2011

counting down to sock summit!!!

This week the weather was hot and so was the knitting.
The sweater made some pretty good progress. I only have about 6 back and forth rows to finish on the body and then it's on to the sleeves. The next class installment is next weekend, so I hope to finish the body, steam it a bit and do the duplicate stitch on the big flower in the back, we'll see.......
I'm feeling good about where I am with this, though. Good thing, there's plenty of distractions coming up.

Like the second project for camp loopy. The challenge is cabled socks (or mittens or gloves), but I've chosen the socks. I'm doing Vortex by chrissy gardiner in this beautiful green. Can't cast on until friday, but I can hardly WAIT to get started. I'll have to work like mad on these, too, because there's this little thing called SOCK SUMMIT in the middle of the project. (got a new book this week too)

I'm also expecting the first installment of the Phoenix and the carpet KAL next friday. Good thing the first couple of clues are on the smaller and quicker side, because on clue 3, I'll be at SOCK SUMMIT.
Now, just gotta finish those stitch markers and do my homework!

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KnitNana said...

And I thought I was the one who over-committed??? You seem to be managing it well, tho! The sweater is GORGEOUS...