Sunday, February 13, 2011

It was yarn score saturday!

Saturday was a great yarn score day here......
A knitpicks order including the yarn to make the blue sipalu bag, some white alpaca lace for a wedding shawl, and some needles to replace the ones that had a "cough" Puppy accident......

Included here is also the newest interweave knits, and the feb. loopy ewe kit. I know, I said I wasn't going to join the club, and I didn't, but when I saw the beautiful green and white, just my colors, I HAD to have it. I deserve it, right?
So when the individual kits went up, I went and snagged one. Suppose I can resist the march and april ones?

The moonstruck sweater is finally done and it matches pretty well. It could have been bigger, it's a bit tight in the armpits, but I'm loving it and I can't would have taken yet another skein. Something wrong there. Now it just needs some buttons. I know it's not a good pic, but look at that cute (knitting needle-eating) puppy. (in his defense, Ozzie started it)

The colorwork scarf has entered the land of mindless knitting. Tons and tons of mindless knitting. There's 10" of this slip stitch to make the hood and it's taking forever. This will probably be my 10 minute mindless project for quite a while. I'm moving on to that beautiful loopy ewe kit, and making the scarf.

Next week, the first installment of Janel Laidman's pattern club and Madrona!


KnitNana said...'ve got a lot on your plate, and everything is gorgeous...
hmm...a puppy "accident?"

Bea said...

Wow that was a pretty good yarn day. I like the way the scarf looks even if its in that mindless stage right now. The sweater looks great. I'm glad they got the yarn matched better.