Sunday, February 20, 2011

I couldn't help myself.......

I know I said I wasn't going to do the loopy ewe club this year, but when I saw these awesome colors.......(the pic doesn't do it justice). This is a cute little scarf and a fun knit, pretty much my only progress last week, except a bit on the endless, being knit backwards slip stitch.

The mailman was also good to me. Cute little doggie knits book, although I could SWEAR when I first saw it, it included a boxer. The book comes, no boxer. I wouldn't have bought it otherwise, so something happened there. Good thing it was only $8. I think I can modify a couple of the patterns to make a boxer. In my spare time.

Yesterday, we went to Madrona, a fun local knittting conference. Beware! Rant coming.
2 actually......
Rant #1
There was one booth there that was completely empty. Not a thing to sell, with people sitting there saying they were "sold out". I totally understand the fine line between too much and not enough, but these folks sold out on thursday, the first day of a 4 day conference. Frustrating. I MIGHT have bought something, but........
They operate here locally and possibly could have re-stocked, or saved one of each skein to show folks and take orders. It was a waste of space.

Rant #2
I saw this cute little vest pattern. When I asked about it, I was told that I could only "buy the kit". $120 for a vest....A little steep. Gee, they weren't selling too many.
There's only one person on rav who's actually done this pattern, wonder why.
Shame on you trendsetter yarns. I get the whole "we need to sell OUR yarn", but, if you'd sold me the pattern, I might have bought the yarn later. It's OK. There's about 800 cabled vest patterns on rav. I'll find another. In both cases, you snooze, you lose.

Rant over.....

Let's leave on a positive note! (check out who he's using for his pillow)


Bea said...

Cats make excellent pillows. Too bad about the booth at the show. Also $120 for vest? Wow. That's crazy.

KnitNana said...

IS THAT OZZIE? OMG...kitty as pillow?
too funny!
(sorry about the negatives on the Madrona, and yes, you snooze you lose - I'd thought perhaps to do 1/2 a booth at SS11 this year - just take samples for orders, but then TKGA was close enough that I decided to save the airfare.)