Sunday, January 09, 2011

after knitting all that lace......

aran weight on size 9's seems pretty darned easy!
This is Moonstruck. It's blue moon's Gaea and the color is "in the navy".
I'm loving the knit. The right front, back, and half a sleeve are already done. This makes a nice, heavy fabric that's going to make a great coat-like sweater. I did have to order one more skein, though, started to get nervous there wouldn't be enough.

We're supposed to have a "major snow event" the end of the week here. (that really means more than 1", so I expect there will be a LOT of knitting accomplished.
I think my next project will be to use my nightfall yarn to make a Batik shawl, or the cloudchaser vest.

I'm anxiously awaiting Madrona - the annual knitting conference here. Mostly for the shopping opportunities, I'm not taking any classes, but it IS fun to see what's new and shop the mill ends from Blue Moon.

The doggies are not too excited about the snow.
"MOM, we need a bigger bed!"

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KnitNana said...

OMGosh, yes they DO need a bigger bed...or perhaps TWO?
BEAUTIFUL the color!