Sunday, November 07, 2010

monday was a red-letter day!

In spite of the fact that we set a new record for rainfall in one single day.
The mailman brought some goodies I've been waiting for......

Unique sheep Eos gradience shawl kit in barknknit, the latest vogue, and sanguine gryphon bugga halloween sock kit, which probably won't end up being socks, but I'm a sucker for special kits and bugga.

Later in the week, the cheshire cat came to roost.
This is woolgirl cheshire cat kit. There's all kinds of extras and goodies there. It's a great kit. So great, that I signed up for a victorian writers garden themed kit to arrive in august. Just a little something to look forward to this summer.

the sweater has two fronts, a back and half a sleeve now. I'll probably get pretty close to finishing it this week, since it's supposed to rain endlessly AGAIN!
Next up, some christmas knitting, a couple of pairs of socks and some misc. goodies for friends. I should be getting a couple more goodies this week too..... The final shipment of the loopy ewe sock club (more bugga!), and another gradience kit from the unique sheep. This one is for some holiday knee socks.

In doggie news, the bed seems to be getting smaller.....hmmmm........
Yogi weighed 8.8 lbs when we got him 5 short weeks ago, on saturday, he weighed 17.5.
Even though he's skinny, I guess we're feeding him well....

I mean, really, how could you resist that face?


KnitNana said... can't resist that face anymore than I can resist The Tonk's face...which is why they're both doubling their initial weight quickly!
That probably also explains why The Tonk is a mini-porker.
Off to check out the August Victorian Writer's project...

Bea said...

Wow it was a pretty good day. The dogs are gorgeous. So cute!