Saturday, November 13, 2010

another red-letter week!

More goodies, I MUST stop buying yarn. HA!
Monday brought my unique sheep kneesock kit. This was a fun one. There's 4 skeins of gradience yarn, a cute little bag, a smell-good soap, some stitch markers, cards, and some great smelling tea. The white fluffy yarn is intended to be the top of the sock, not sure if I'll do that one, but it is a nice set.

Then....after an extended vacation in arizona (don't know what THAT was all about), my sock club FINALLY arrived. No pic can do this yarn justice. It's purple, it's blue, it's turquoise, it's AMAZING and it's bugga. What more could you want? I've already scored a second skein from someone who just didn't feel the love. I'm thinking large shawl, really, have I said it's amazing??? I'll definitely take advantage of my second year in the loopy ewe club. I wanted to try it to get some different yarns, and although I haven't made all the socks, I haven't been disappointed.

Making progress on the sweater, fronts and back are blocking right now and I'm on the second sleeve. For some reason, I'm just in a sweater mood, go figure. I'll eventually have to buckle down and finish my christmas knitting, eventually.
I WAS planning on knitting some socks for my sister with some yarn purchased out of a stash on Rav. I have to say, this is the first time I've been ripped off from buying stash yarn. The seller has all kinds of excuses, yarn came back, can't find the tracking number, out of town.....Honestly, I don't think she ever sent it to begin with. Too bad. I guess she needed the $12 worse than me, but it hardly seems worth it. Karma's a bitch....just sayin'.

I've had some requests for more ozzie, so without further ado.....

The red eyes....they're appropriate. He really is a little devil of a kitty.

And for the dog lovers in the bunch......
The bed just keeps getting smaller, and see that green there? It's the binky. We had to get two of them because cinnamon brown wouldn't let go. Now, you'd think that they each have their own? NO. Which is the BEST binky? The one the other dog has, of course!


Bea said...

I think if I ever join a yarn club that the loopy ewe one might just be it. I love that there is so much variety in that one. Sorry about the Ravelry lady. That really sucks.

I'm really wanting to start a sweater but as usual I'm having trouble coming up with a pattern that just says "knit me now!"

KnitNana said...

So does the yarn match Ozzie's eyes? YUM on both counts, yes the babies do have a touch of Satan in them, eh?