Sunday, November 21, 2010

I've got nothin' for ya

After a flurry of new yarn and goodies, this week was pretty quiet.
The cabled sweater pieces are done and blocked, but resting for a while in favor of some last minute christmas knitting. Nothing big, just a pair of socks or two.
I'm still waiting for the Mopsy to come in at blue moon so I can make the Moonstruck sweater, and now saving my extra yarn $ for Madrona in feb. Although you never know what I might be tempted by.

In home news, we spent yesterday buying a new couch! The old one was ok, but the foam on the cushions had squished down so much that they would slowly slide out from under your butt as you were sitting on them. Got old fast. You KNOW how this goes.... new couch, new pillows, new end table, gotta have a new lamp........
Good thing we got that done, it's supposed to start snowing here.

The doggies were very worried and forced to nap to work off their stress.

Happy Turkey day to everyone,
We'll be hunkered down with snow shovels, soup and knitting!
Good thing I have enough yarn!


KnitNana said...

OH that's a cute shot of the furbabies!

Bea said...

Stay warm up there! Congrats on the new couch. Pretty much "I've got nothin' for ya" is how I feel most of the time right now. So I completely understand.