Saturday, October 30, 2010

two fronts and a back

well, part of a back.
This is the must have cardigan from patons. A couple of years ago when the yarn harlot made this, I went in search of the pattern. I found it at joanns for 40percent off, and got the yarn at michaels for the same. It went into hibernation until I got frustrated with bee fields and I decided I needed a larger needle project to keep me sane. It's crusing right along now and looking good.

I also blocked a couple of things today.
Hammelies shawl for +++++'s christmas present

Birch for me. My first experience with entrelac. I love it. It's bugga in rainbow scarab, very soft and a great knit.

I was hoping to show some new yarn, but my mailman is painfully slow. I'm sure I'll have some of it soon, though, but here's what I'm waiting for......
Unique sheep eos gradience shawl kit in bark-n-knit - shipped
sanguine gryphon wicked witch sock kit - purple and black - shipped
woolgirl cheshire cat kit - hopefully shipping today
unique sheep kneehigh christmas kit - green - ship by nov 7
from sandra singh, malabrigio silky merino for cloudchaser ship middle of nov
Loopy ewe nov sock kit - ship middle of nov.
I think I'll stick with the loopy ewe sock club one more year and then move on to something else. I'm looking at the socks are for suckers club from twisted or the year in lace. Something different. We'll see what mood I'm in at the end of next year.

The pupster is doing great and growing like a weed. Check out these feet!
You can hardly tell which is which. He starts obedience classes on dec. 4th. Now if we could only get the whole "no potty in the house" thing.

"I wubs my big sister"


KnitNana said...

I think it's great they are getting along so well...the no potty in the house thing, tho' is vewy vewy impowtant!
BEAUTIFUL knitting and lace, btw...

Bea said...

Love birch. I think I'm putting that one on my list.