Sunday, June 20, 2010

It was nearly a washout

Kit in public day was fun but it rained, rained rained. BUCKETS!
Good thing it was in a covered area.

Cinnamon brown made some new friends too.

Here's some UFO's from this week,
Johnette's gumdrop socks. Now I'm out of yarn. Seems to be a theme lately. A nice raveler from Alaska is sending me the little bit I need to finish. Good thing I don't need them until christmas.

The little sock on the top is the Medusa anklets. I needed a really simple project to knit in public, and I though these were really cute and perfect for the rest of the knitter's brewing co. yarn I won in the contest (the color is ... on the beach). There should be JUST enough to finish.

On the bottom is the first installment of the summer mystery shawl. It's coming along fine so far, in spite of being charted only. We'll see what happens when it grows to a couple hundred charted stitches. I'd like to get this clue done this week, there'll be another one next saturday. Looks like the weather's going to cooperate. It's supposed to RAIN BUCKETS some more.

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