Sunday, January 24, 2010

lots of starts, not a lot of finishes

Well, I seem to be going through a "casting on" phase here.
This week, I started Miss Marple, worked on the knitter's brewing co mystery kal, and started this beautiful thing....Haruni.
I'm loving the shawl. It's going pretty fast and it's nice to see progress.

Miss Marple is awful so far, so she's taking a bit of a vacation. I don't consider myself a terribly tight knitter, but I'm on my third try to get this sock around my heel. Honestly, I have "normal" heels. It's just that the mosaic gets so tight and unflexible by the end that there's not enough stretch to go there. ARGH! I've tried 2 size larger needles and now I'm just making the larger size. Frogged twice.

The kal is on clue 3 and still working on the leg. No photos to show there yet.

This coming weekend, I'm taking a nordic knitting class with Mary Scott Huff. They've already sent out the pattern, it's cool, called "Queen of Hearts" - perfect for a valentine's day knit. Got homework to do there too. Luckily, not too much.
I'm sure I'll have something to show next week. I'm also hoping for good news on the loopy ewe sock club. I decided to try something different this year after the last 2 in the STR club. Loopy ewe is a lottery, so fingers crossed. If that doesn't work out, maybe the year in lace? I like being in some kind of club, just a little burnt out on socks and looking for something different. Suggestions? Not too expensive, though.

There will be some real fun soon. The seattle garden show is in 2 weeks. I can't begin to say how much I LOVE the garden show. It always gives me serious spring fever. Madrona is coming up too. Madrona is a big knitting conference in tacoma. No classes for me this time, just shopping. That's enough. I can do enough damage at madrona to keep me busy for the next 6 months at least. LOVE madrona too.

Thanks to all who commented on my back. I'm back to teaching classes, but my back feels "unstable". I just never know when it's going to hurt. I'll be fine, doing yard work, come in the house sit for an hour and not be able to get out of the chair.
Spent a couple of days last week just doing this:

Sucks getting old!


Bea said...

The shawl looks great. Sorry your back is still being testy.

KnitNana said... sorry it's still being persnickity! Backs can be a real PITA now and again! (oh, dear, that was a bad pun, wasn't it?)

Have fun this weekend, and do hang in there with the troublesome knits - or just put in time-out and start something new!
(it's what I do...)
I'm ready for spring, too, but don't have a garden show to help me in that - sigh!