Sunday, January 17, 2010

baby shoes and backaches

I was cruising right along this week, feeling pretty good, until friday, and BAM!
Did something to my back. We really don't appreciate the ability to put on our own socks,until we can't. It was good for knitting a whole sock on saturday, though. Now if I could only put them on. Doing a bit better now, after a great deal of ibuprophen and finding a sub for my early bodypump class tomorrow. I'm hoping this is short term. I mean, really, I teach fitness for a living. This ought to make that pilates workshop I'm going to today even more special.

The good news is, the traveling lace socks are done. Here they are with some goodies that came this week from knitpicks. I ordered these dk weight yarns for the class I'm taking at the end of the month on nordic knitting with Mary Scott Huff. Her book's there too. I'm taking it with and hoping she'll sign it for me.
I had to order more yarn than I needed because of the colors. This isn't the first time I've been disappointed with knitpicks colors when I got them. They look very different than my monitor. That doesn't happen with other yarns I buy on the net, so I'm thinking it's not my monitor. I'll probably use the black, white and berry colors for the class. The navy and maroon there is for the "miss marple" socks from knitpicks. It was love at first sight for them. I think they'll be up next.
The green is for the Harumi stole. I bought extra because I like a nice, big shawl.

One other accomplishment this shoes. No, I'm not trying to say anything here. They're a gift for my friend's grandbaby. Aren't they cute?
I'm just hoping they fit.

Up this week, the knitter's brewing co kal is on, there should be another clue on the 19th. I think I'll start on the miss marple socks.
I'm really looking forward to shopping at Madrona in February. Saving up my pennies!


Bea said...

Ouch. I hope your back is better soon!

KnitNana said...

Oh no! Do take care of your back!!!
(and those baby shoes are adorable)

Take it easy and knit ... and rest.