Sunday, October 04, 2009

gail, part two

The second gail is done. I'm pretty proud of my christmas present progress.
It's all blocked and will soon be put away from meddling kitties.

The purse is also done and ready to be felted. (also a christmas present) I'll probably wait for a nice, rainy day to do that. They'll be plenty of those. Fall arrived here at EXACTLY 10 am last tuesday. One minute it was nice and sunny, the next cold, windy and rainy. Go figure.

This week brought some other goodies. A Fourth treasure of knitting (from ebay), the latest Socks that Rock kit. (love the yarn, still thinking about the pattern), and a completion of one of the victorian christmas socks. I love the victorian socks because I used several techniques that I learned at sock summit, judy's magic cast on, short row heels, and a picot edge cast off. It was really fun to put it all together in a fairly plain sock. The first one was the experimental model, so it took a lot of time and frogging. Hopefully the second one will be easier.
I'm thinking the next project will be the doggie mittens. I have a perfect brown color in the knitpicks pallette. It looks just like sister.

On friday night, we went to arts walk downtown. We were just starting to have fun, when it started pouring. Sister does NOT like to be wet, so we boogied for the car.

This was some of the best art there......

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Bea said...

Love the gail and the Christmas sock. Rain, chill (not cold but much lower then normal temps) have arrived here too. I'm sort of glad for it.