Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sock Summit, here I come......

Well, who knew????
If my husband didn't already have no hair, it would be all gone now after registering me for sock summit. I ended up with a couple of extras, as did a lot of folks, but I know they'll get around to me and I'll be able to turn those back in.
I KNOW I'll just end up spending it in the SWAG shop anyway when that opens.

I'm almost afraid to admit that I got my dream schedule:
Thurs: Cool Socks A - Lucy Neatby
Fri: Creative Mosaic Knitting - Barbara Walker
Sat: Cast on Cornucopia/Bind off Bonanza
Sun: Textured Colorwork

and a ticket to the reception.

I tried to take classes that I thought I would improve my knitting skills.

Maybe it was just good luck, maybe it was karma, it is, after my 50th birthday that weekend.
My husband says it was hard work and patience. I'll give him that.
I'm over-the-moon, beside myself excited to be there.
Now I just have to start saving my allowance for the marketplace and SWAG shop.

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Bea said...

Yeah! Congrats. I know you'll have a ton of fun!