Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ok, I'm moving on

I spent a week wallowing in my flow failure. AGAIN.
I give up. I was determined not to let it get the best of me, but it's gone back to the frog pond. Maybe next time.

In an effort to find something "summery", I fished out this project from last season.
Flirty Tank from Y2knit. It's just lacy enough to be fun, but not so much that is shows more than you would want. A relatively easy knit, too. I started this yesterday afternoon and after 2 movies, this was how far I'd gotten. I'm thinking I'm going to like this. I just hope it fits!

Anyway, I'm working on it because I'm going to need some summer stuff to wear to Sock Summit.

I fell in love with this also, and had to immediately order the pattern.
Clematis Bag
There's a sale at my LYS next weekend, so I plan to get what I need to do this. I think it's gaudy, but cool. Call me crazy.
I can also use some of the stash to make the flowers, etc.

For our doggie distraction of the day.....
WHAT could be so fascinating??

This guy, of course!

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Bea said...

Sorry about Flow. The new tank looks like it will be great for summer.

Gus and Abby say "Hi Cinnamon!! We catches squirl with you???!"