Sunday, July 05, 2015

there's a new sheriff in town!!!

Imagine my surprise, when, driving aimlessly to big lots yesterday, I discovered......wait for it........


right by my house too! Things will never be the same.

It was closed because of the holiday, but I have high hopes for this store...already they have a facebook page and a website. I know it takes a bit for ventures like this to get ramped up, but I hope the new owner has 2015 attitudes, not 1950 attitudes......I'm optimistic.

Their knit night is Thursday from 5-7, and I'll be checking it out Tuesday when they reopen from the holiday.....Welcome to town!

In knitting's just been TOO HOT. The second round of summer camp started this week, and I'm plugging away on it when I can even STAND to look at cascade 220 in 90 degree weather. Nothing spectacular yet, so no pics.

It's supposed to be nearly 100 here today.....UGH.

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