Sunday, July 12, 2015

plugging away

I've been plugging away on the tendril scarf for my summer camp project. So far, I'm about half way done, but I've taken a bit of a detour.

In the no good deed goes unpunished category......I offered to knit a shop sample for the new lys owner. She came up with what looked like it would be a super easy, super fast knit.....NOT.
The whole thing is ssks and in this cotton yarn that is,well, not the best. It has knots, it's splitty, there's crummy sections in it.....I can't finish fast enough!  I'm only half way done with it, but I hope to finish by Tuesday, so I can take it back and go back to my tendril.

I'll leave you with some yumminess......
It's malabrigo.....for my third camp project. I've decided it's going to be xanadu.....I was going to do some turtles, but I fell in love with this yarn, not exactly turtle colored, so the turtles will have to wait.

Sadly, I can't start on this one until aug 1,

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