Sunday, July 26, 2015

finished the tendril scarf

took a pic, put it away.....
I'm not real happy with the way it turned out.....the pattern was great, but the scarf is really heavy and thick, and the yarn just didn't work well. I'm glad I mastered the technique of intarsia cables, but this guy is destined to be slippers for was my second project for camp loopy, so.....on to the third.
Some nice malabrigo for a treat and a cool pattern, Xanadu.....cables and lace, how can you go wrong. The only challenge will be if I can finish it in a month.
In the mean time, I'll be hanging out at the fair a couple of days this week, thanks to an excellent suggestion, it'll be a great time to work my self-striping concrete and tulips shawl. It's pretty mindless, so I've already would the yarn and I'll cast on and get the gauge and pattern before I go.
After 2 days of hanging out by the pig barn, I'm sure I'll make some progress.

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