Sunday, January 19, 2014

I know, I was MIA last week

bad me!!
I have been working on things, though, in spite of the depressingly foggy and cold weather.....
good time for knitting, I guess.
I finished my astral shawl. It's blocking as we speak. Just can't seem to do the colors justice, but I do like the way it turned out.
It's much more blue and purple than this picture lets on.
I also rooted in the stash and came up with some wild purple and pink self striping. It was part of a "Cheshire cat" kit a while ago that didn't come with a pattern. I had seen this pattern on ravelry (and it was free), and thought it would be perfect for this skein. So, without further ado.....
valentines socks
One of them still needs a bit of a toe and the ends woven in. This yarn was much heavier than I thought, which actually worked out to be a pretty nice pair of socks. Some fun self-striping, a little intarsia practice and wala! Socks in two days (or so).
Now, I'm back to the stash to see what catches my eye. I've been doing pretty good so far just rooting around, but........Madrona IS coming up. I might have to break my rule just a little bit. After all, those are indie dyers you can't find ANYWHERE else, right?????

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Homemade Helen said...

Hi there I just found you on Rav. I'm loving those socks :)