Sunday, October 28, 2012

house obsessed

just checking in to say, well, nothing. The gloves are coming along, starting the fingers, but the pattern is screwed up and the directions are wrong. Didn't figure that one out for a while..... Thinking about doing some holiday knitting, and wondering if it's just too late. Can you say "gift card?" The whole house thing has turned into an excercise in frustration, with contrators who don't show, and bad weather. We're thinking now that there WON'T be a turkey day move, just not enough time for all they have to do and the speed they seem to be doing it at. ARGH!! You'd think I'd take my frustration out on knitting, but it's all packed up. We were supposed to move nearly a moth ago, and this state of half-packed is driving me crazy. We're READY to go!

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Revlahart said...

So miserable to have the delays, and I hear you on having your life packed away. Our movers were here last Thursday and took everything that we're shipping back to the US. We won't see it until January. We're living out of suitcases until we leave England at the end of November.

I hope it all comes together, and hope we'll cross paths once I'm back in Olympia! xx