Sunday, April 01, 2012

Ready to move ON!

The rams and yowes yarn is still in possession of the postal service, so I took the opportunity this week to weave in all the ends and generally finish up where I was so far. Hopefully it'll be here soon and I can wrap that one up. I'm also still working on clue 3 of the little prince KAL. It's really turning out nicely, but too mashed up to take a pic. The bugga sweater saw some action this week too. I'm up to the armpits on the back. I'm getting the urge to cast on something new. Don't know what, thinking socks maybe. It'll have to be stash, though, since I'm trying to whittle that down and not spend too much on yarn. In house news, the permits are bought, the bulldozer will be here on tuesday! See that kind of leaning over tree to the left in the pic here? That's just about where our garage will be.

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