Sunday, April 22, 2012

in a bit of a knitting slump

It always seems to happen about this time of year, a kind of knitting slump. The weather is getting better, the yard is calling, and, especially this year, the house is taking priority. I did make some progress on the little prince KAL, but it's too squished up to show. It's going to be beautiful, though, and I just have the last clue to finish. I also started some stranded pillows with a fern motif for the house, and the bugga sweater is still waiting for me. No promises this week, though. Today is pressure wash the deck day, and I REALLY want to get my crummy deck pots replanted with some nice new spring things. (out with the old primroses) Over on squiggi builds a house, the beginning of a foundation (concrete tomorrow!), and a new and necessary acquisition. Go outside and play!~

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