Sunday, April 08, 2012

happy easter

Cinnamon brown is very excited about easter, as you can see. Yogi wouldn't sit still long enough for the ears, and just wanted to tease the cat and have breakfast. You'll have to know that he's excited too. So, this week, I got the rest of the UK yarn to finish rams and yowes. I'm SO close. Right now, I'm securing the border. It's quite a wrestling match and too scrunched up to take a pic. I'm also working on clue 4 in the petite prince KAL, and the bugga sweater is growing nicely. Our week end has been consumed by big boy toys and a bit of stress as they clear the property for the house. It totally looks like a bomb site back there, and it's been kind of stressful hoping they won't run over the water lines, or cross onto the neighbor's property. (think they'll miss that holly tree that disappeared? probably not), and a bit of worry about how much this is all costing (we DO have a budget for it) It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't one of the previously mentioned neighbors. Up until this point, it was all fun on paper. Now it's real, big, and noisy. I know it'll be super cool when it's done, and it should be better by the end of this week.


Bea said...

Abby feels for you poor Cinnamon!

KnitNana said...

Poor Cinnamon Brown. She looks miserable. EARS-BUNNY ears-On a DOG? Poor baby.