Sunday, February 05, 2012

working on it

someone commented this week that there haven't been too many knitting pics on here lately. Well, I'm WORKING on it! Between the snow and no power, I lost about 2 weeks into the twilight zone, and I'm finally getting caught up. Now it's 60 degrees and sunny here. Who'd have thought just 2 weeks ago we were literally buried up to our butts in snow!

I started a sweater.....this is leaving by anne hanson in some beautiful bugga box jellyfish. The original plan didn't work, I think this one will. The pictures just can't do the color justice.

I'm finally finishing the violets scarf. Thanks to Mary Scott Huff, rockstar knitting designer and awesome person, I scored the yarn I needed to finish. It's almost ready to be steeked. I'll do the sweater at the same time. It's a lot of work to dig out the sewing machine.

I also started this fun little KAL, again thanks to Mary Scott Huff. Isn't it cute?

This week, squiggi goes to the flower show. (my other obsession - gardening) I always come home with the WORST case of spring fever and then it snows. ARGH! Last year, I didn't get to go because of the white stuff. We've had enough already, so keep your fingers crossed we're done.

In house news, the financing came through this week and we'll be closing in the next week. Let the games begin!!!!!!!

Over on squiggi builds a house - designing woman.......

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KnitNana said...

OH YAY on the house!!! Congrats!
I think the knitting looks amazing, as usual.