Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last minute christmas knitting

I looked at the calendar last week and just about had a heart attack! There's only 2 weeks to christmas!!
This week brought some easy christmas last-minute knitting. Some kids felted slippers, and a hat for my neighbor. (not the one from the lands end catalog, but i'll have to do!)

Also, a future felted clog for DH. (The other one will probably happen today!) I sent him my knitpicks wish list last week. Might as well get what I need/want.

I'm just about done. I wanted to knit DH some socks, and I may still do that with some thick worsted - he loves thick socks. They'll go pretty fast. I want to use my new mad skills I learned from Cat Bordhi last week and make him a personal footprint.
We might just do that today. It's supposed to rain more today than any time in the last 2 years, so I think it'll be INSIDE activities this afternoon.

Last week, the mailman brought me some goodies. The new Cookie A. book, (very nice) and some Malabrigo silky in acorn that I ordered a LONG time ago (the price was right) to make my cloudchaser.
I still need to finish the cabled sweater, but it's set aside for the last minute holiday stuff. It only needs some sewing and a button band.

I also hear that the "Mopsy" is in at Blue Moon, so I'll be stalking their website to make the "moonstruck" sweater. I've probably already lined up more projects than I could ever do in 2011, but I'm also looking at the little mermaid shawl KAL from the unique sheep. I'm kind of a sucker for KAL's, gradience yarns, and beads. What more could you ask for???

Ozzie can hardly wait until all the holiday madness is over! At least he doesn't have to spend tomorrow afternoon standing in line at the post office!

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KnitNana said...

Oh!!! Cute Ozzie pics!!! Cute Ozzie pics!!!
Now...has he taken down your tree yet?