Sunday, December 05, 2010

knitting like crazy

the snow and turkey day are finally gone. I feel like I lost a whole week of my life last week. We didn't go anywhere except to pick up our turkey dinner and work out on friday. It felt good to finally get out of the house.
Good news, though. I've got a bunch of christmas knitting done.
Socks for my sister (knit in 3 days during a snowstorm)

They're the mad color weave pattern in STR pepe la plume.

A really cut fox scarf for a little boy I know. It was fun to make.

I also knit a scarf for my neighbor for her birthday. It was THURSDAY ya know. (she reminded me about 100 times) No pics of that. Just pulled some funky noro novelty stuff out of the stash (not even sure how it got there) and did a quick garter stitch scarf. Now she wants a BLUE hat with ties for christmas, so I'm doing a "thorpe" in a nasty acrylic, but it IS going fast.

Yesterday afternoon, I was very excited to take a class with Cat Bordhi at Yorkshire Yarns in Tacoma. The owner of yorkshire is quite a character and she loves to have great classes. She said she "stalked" Cat, and when another LYS closed that cat was scheduled to teach at, she emailed her right away and got her to come to yorkshire.
We did personal footprints and I loved it! Cat is a patient, fun, teacher and I highly recommend taking a class from her if you can. She makes you think entirely differently about your knitting.

The sweater is taking a bit of a break for some last minute christmas knitting. All the parts are done, just need to sew and put on a button band.

On the doggie front, Yogi started obedience yesterday. Good thing you can't flunk out on the first day. There were just SO many intersting people and other doggies, and smells, and stuff.............
He has the attention span of a gnat.

The bed just keeps getting smaller.
Look at that giant foot. It's Yogi's.
Gonna be a BIG boy!

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KnitNana said...

I surely hope you like your neighbor to be letting her dictate your knitting! :)
Yogi looks as if he might have gotten scolded for his ADD behavior at Obedience School?