Sunday, May 02, 2010

knit, knit, purl, purl

Endless k2p2 rib.
Yes, this is the newest "thing", the traveling sweater.
It was love at first sight. Luckily the pattern has just enough to keep some interest and it's not so complicated you can't take it along. Although, it is getting a bit too big. I'm almost through the fourth "wedge" - there's 8 of them, and then it's on to the upper back and arm pieces. The yarn is Wooboo, Thraven color. You can't really tell by this photo, but it has a nice, underlying bit of green. It's coming right along.

There was a bit of excitement this week when the dates for Sock Summit 2011 were announced. Is it wrong to be SO excited about something that's nearly a year away?
Of course, I'll be there. Another knitter and I are thinking about volunteering a day, and shopping a day. I'd kind of like to add a day of classes, and maybe a trip out to the beach with some out of town folks I met at the last summit. We'll have to see how the registration goes. I was extremely lucky last time to get the classes I wanted, but I know how many folks will be trying this time. Bunches. I'm not sure they can have a server big enough.

Today, the weather is nice, so it's out to the garden to get caught up with planting and the annual pressure washing of the deck.

knit, knit, purl, purl, knit knit, purl, purl,.........

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