Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's been HOT! HOT! HOT!

Over 90degrees here, we just don't tolerate that kind of heat in these parts.
Much cooler now, though, thank goodness.

The clematis purse is felted and a lining chosen. Project this week is to line it and put in some pockets. I love it, but it's so dang big that everything would get lost if there weren't something to hold seperately. Water bottle, keys, phone.
The rest of it is intended to hold my projects and shopping at sock summit.

I also made progress on the fern lace tank. Planning on wearing this at sock summit too. As you can see, it's been boxer tested and approved.

Had to frog "hey teach". It was coming along great, only to discover that my yarn is two different colors. Same dye lot and you can't even tell until you knit them together. ARGH! That forced me to to to yarnmarket and order new stuff. I'm hoping that I'll finish the tank by the time it shows up.

I need to get going on my sock summit homework, studying for my test, and a few other minor details. Why is all that "required" stuff so hard to focus on. I'd rather just knit.......


Connie said...

I was in your 9:30 meeting yesterday morning (we talked about knitting beforehand), and I have to say that the Clematis bag is really lovely. I'm so glad you put your blog address there for all to see.

Bea said...

Love love love the bag. So cute! I think your tank is coming along really well too.