Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another week, some more stuff

This week brought progress on "hey teach". The back is finished and about a quarter of the left side. The fern tank is also completely finished and blocked.
I'm starting to want to start some socks again. I'm going to have some time in July where I get to sit at the farmer's market and sell tickets for the garden tour, so I'll need a small, sitting around project. I'm thinking the fraggle squiggle socks would work well here. I may just have to cast them on soon.

In other news, my test date has been set for July 25th in Portland. Let the studying begin! (continue)

We'll finish with a couple of my favorites.....chocolate and roses.

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Bea said...

Hey Teach looks great. Good luck with the test. I'll be over here hoping all you study seeps in and stays!