Monday, December 01, 2008

some christmas present knitting

I've been VERY busy. Trying to finish presents for my friends and clients and a couple for me too.

The blue scarf is "punch and judy" I really like it, but I hope I can steam out the curling edges.

I don't remember the name of the green one, but it was a free internet pattern and I made it with stash yarn, so that makes it even better. They're both presents for folks, so I'm trying really hard to keep the cat off of them while they dry.

The socks are the current rockin sock club offering. I made it this far in one day!

I'm loving the pattern and the yarn, the only bad thing is that they go so fast! They're really a fun knit.

I can hardly wait to join again next year and see what they have in store.

Check out my new mascot, Ida. Ida sheep was made by some nuns over at the priory. They needle felt and knit to raise funds and they make some really fun stuff.

She's been boxer tested and approved!

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Bea said...

I blocked my punch and judy hard and didn't have any problem with curling edges until I tried to wear it the second time and it had lost some of the blocking. Seems like a scarf that really needs the thicker yarn.

I LOVE your sheep. So cute with Cinnamon snuggled up to her!