Sunday, September 06, 2015

ok, on to the next season

Well, I'm sad to say I finished the self striping shawl.....sad because it was so much fun to do. Made me wish there was more!

The colors are actually quite a bit brighter than you see here.....mostly because it started raining here about a week ago and hasn't quit since. That's OK, considering the water bill.......;(

Anyway.......I've started to do my holiday knitting and I already have one down. It's a football team inspired cowl that'll make a great gift.

The rest of the folks are all getting felted slippers. I've got one pair done already. They're a pretty quick knit (but a bit of a wrestling match). I'll do them all and then felt them all at the same time. No pics of those. Then I might move on to my newest obsession.....the peace sweater.

What an amazing accomplishment that would be. I know from experience that they look WAY harder than they actually are. The challenge with this one is finding the right yarn that doesn't cost $160 and still works......I'm working on some ideas.

Off to make slippers!

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