Sunday, October 11, 2015

done with the elephant shoes (again)

So, the first batch of clogs turned out fine, the ballet slippers did not. Back to the drawing board and the stash to find more wool. I'm done with the second round of girl clogs, all knit and sewn up. They just need to be felted.

Gave the boy clogs a haircut the other day, and they look great. They felted a bit small, but I know they'll stretch, and they'll make great Christmas gifts. I still might make a couple more gifts, pair of socks and maybe some gloves, but we'll just have to see.

I fell in love with a cowl on ravelry.....dragonflies in chocolate. Bought the chocolate yarn from a stash and dug through my own to find the dragonfly color. As soon as I finish my French can-can, I think I'll work on that.

Meanwhile, for some non-knitting rained yesterday, really rained, so I started to wrok on some glass.

Bought this birdbath at a yard sale for $10. It totally wants to be something else, so here it is....
It's not quite done yet, I'll finish up the background the next time it rains. I'd like to thank Claudia for selling me all that's going to a good use.

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