Saturday, January 02, 2016

movin' on.....

up? over?

Over the past few years, blogger and google have made it increasingly more difficult to do this. Their site is not user friendly in the least, and there have been many hours of frustration just figuring out how to do anything.

I originally started these blogs to chronicle my knitting and the progress of our house building, and they've served that purpose well. When I first started them, blogging was all the thing to do and places like ravelry and facebook just didn't exist. Now they do.

I really love ravelry, and I like the instant gratification that facebook gives me. Not to mention it's much easier to quickly post a thought or a pic.

So, I'll be moving on from here. If you're already my friend on facebook, well, there ya are. If not, most of my stuff is public anyway. I never post politics or anything controversial, there's enough folks out there that do that already. I promise you'll see cats, dogs, gardening, mosaics, crafting and glass. Because, well, that's what I like.

So, come on over and join me on facebook......I've made a blog page there.
Feel free to "like" it so that you can see my creations. For you knitters, I'm on Ravelry as squiggi, feel free to friend me there, but I have to say, I'm not too good at updating that one either.
My Recycled Garden.....
See ya there!

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