Sunday, December 28, 2014

PHEW!!!! I made it

And just in time....

After the Christmas knit-a-thon, I'm feeling a little bored. The final count was 2 pairs  of slippers, 4 cowls, a pair of boot toppers, 8 pairs of fingerless gloves, and 2 soap holders.

I'm tired now.......

Time for a little something for me, and also back to the stash. Yesterday, I restarted my firestarter socks. No rush here, just plugging away at them, I barely made it past the toe.

When I was working on my Christmas knitting, I must have gone through the stash 20 times. The good news is, the Christmas gifts used up some of it. The bad news is, not enough. (it just seems to keep growing....wonder how that happens). So, it's back to the stash for me.

Some good Christmas things, there were a LOT of cool free patterns for the holidays, and I snagged a bunch, with next year in mind. (I'm definitely starting earlier next year), I was able to introduce my mom and niece to the magic that is ravelry (almost lost them there), and I won some very cool Yak yarn in a contest. It's not here yet, but pics when it arrives, I promise.

Last but not least, miss kitty has found herself a new place.
This ball came from the Christmas clearance section. It's meant to be a light. I'm going to paint it blue, put a solar light in it, and I think it will be pretty cool in my moon garden, but only if miss kitty will give it up.

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