Sunday, February 09, 2014

working the sunflower

This week, it was painfully cold. So cold that the only going outside was for dog potties. So, there was a great deal of progress on the sunflower. I'm up to the tips now. I didn't realize it when I started, but each of the petals is knit individually by attaching the yarn and casting off. That's a LOT of end weaving.....just sayin'
since we woke up to this today.....

I'll probably be making more progress....
It's going to have to wait to be blocked, though. It's a big piece and there's no place to do it in the house.
Next up.....I'm working my KP stash, so I think it'll be the dogwood sweater kit I have. That ought to be a good challenge.

This week....MADRONA. No classes this time, but I can't resist the call of the marketplace. I'll probably be shopping on sat am, with a little side trip to a couple of Tacoma nurseries.....After all, this snow WILL melt eventually, and it'll be back to gardening!

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