Sunday, December 01, 2013

working the stash (and other things)

So, after finishing the man-sock, I decided I needed a little treat. I rooted through the stash (don't ask me how long that took), and found this little scarf kit that had been in there, well, a while.
It was a fun little knit, and finished in a week......Madtosh sock, special loopy ewe color, the pattern is nefertem. It's more purple than it looks here, bad lighting

I also succumbed to my yarn desires this week and bought this fun self-striping goodie off of ebay. Yes, it's the same color that the harlot used to knit her socks. Fell in love with it when I saw it on her blog and couldn't help myself. I divided it equally in half and I'm working on a toe-up plane jane  sock, and it's going very quickly......
Also a bit off on the color.....
When this is done, it's back to the stash. I found some worsted that I bought for slipper socks last year, a knitpicks sock kit, and another dark green potential sock.
Don't worry, I'll have PLENTY to do, even if it does snow this week.......Have I said how much I hate snow????/

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