Sunday, June 16, 2013

camp loopy project 2

I know, it's only half way through the challenge for project 1, but, when project 2 was announced, I knew right away what I was going to do. A bit ago, I bought the pattern for clockwork after seeing this absolutely gorgeous combination of grey and white that someone did. I was hoping there'd be an opportunity to use it for one of my camp projects. Surprise~ there is.

The next challenge is to knit a popular pattern that you've not done before (at least 1000 projects) Clockwork qualifies nicely. I already had a couple of yarns on my wishlist, and I ended up settling on these.....

Hopefully they'll come out with that same classy quality that I saw on ravelry.

By the way, here's the completed first challenge. BFF socks.... (for a christmas present)
all done and uploaded to the loopy challenge page.

In between challenges, I'm working on an OLD ufo. Beaded bells socks. I have one almost done, and will start the other one this week. They're kind of fiddly, with the beads and all, but I love the color of the yarn (even though it's a bit thin).
The next camp challenge doesn't start until july 1, so I'll be finishing these socks and doing some hexipuffs in the mean my spare time.

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