Sunday, September 23, 2012

some new goodies

Last week was a tough one. I woke up on monday with my back in a spasm and managed to stiff arm my way through the week by doing nothing. Not even knitting. I blame it all on the stress of the house not making progress, the water being out for the weekend, and various other factors that have left me kinda lost. Thanks to my friend and massage person j. I was feeling a bit better after tuesday, but now it's back with a vengance. (shouldn't have dug up those peonies yesterday) That whole standing up straight thing is highly overrated. Still have to teach pilates, and bodypump, do housework and all that other fun stuff. It's the REST of the day that goes away in a handbasket. I've got NO knitting to show for it, but I did get some new goodies! Dream in color smooshy with cashmere from the loopy ewe camp. It was the prize for finishing all 3 projects. IK knitted gifts and a new book, cast on, bind off. This week, no promise of knitting. The house is FINALLY getting worked on, and the water line is fixed (and paid for). We just have to put the deck back together and figure out what we're going to do with the potential mud pit in the front yard. Good times!

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KnitNana said...

OUCH! I'm so sorry! Feel better, and hope you get a bit of knitting time soon...that yarn is scrumptious!