Saturday, September 15, 2012

don't even TALK to me!!!!!

Today, this is the view out the front window.
We could have probably BOUGHT that bobcat for the price of what we've paid so far to hook up to the sewer. Had to be done to sell this house, but what a cluster.... of mess. Seems that if you don't find the water line where you think it is, then it must not be there at all, right? WRONG!!!!!!! Everything was cruising along fine until someone ASSUMED, (y'all know what they say about that), and they hit the water line with the backhoe. That started a house of cards mess, water leak, crud in the pipes, no pressure, more water leak, more gunk in the pipes....... right now we have NO water and a bunch of stress, oh, and the leak is still there SOMEWHERE. Never mind that the front yard is, well, this......what's that about curb appeal? but wait, this is supposed to be a knitting blog. No knitting, sorry. I was back to work with pilates clients and the outside work pretty much came to a halt, as well as anything creative that might of happened. Stay tuned, will there BE a trip to oregon flock and fiber next week? Depends how the water thing goes.

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