Sunday, July 15, 2012

knitting away

I've been knitting away on my color affliction, affection and it's done and cast off. Doesn't really seem to need blocking.....this was project 2 for camp loopy and there's one to go.
I've chosen the bug out socks. They've been in my que FOREVER, and I've really wanted to make colorwork knee socks. I know, call me crazy..... I also bought some wollemeise this week in a gorgeous dark blue for some gloves as a chistmas present for my sister. Custom gloves with one short finger. If you read this blog, you'll remember that she had to have a finger amputated due to a dog bite. Terrible tragedy. She's living with it well, but, it's permanent and not very pretty. I think she deserves some nice gloves that fit where she doesn't have to fold up a finger to make it work. I have a couple of patterns in mind, some nice elaborate cables. Why not? I had to have the watermelon socks from the KAL at knitter's brewing co. I'm just a sucker for watermelon socks.
I fell in love with the queen bee sweater over on ravelry, and I'll be joining the KAL come the first of september. I'll leave you with some visitors that came this week. Before you say "how cute", remember that they eat EVERYTHING in sight (even stuff they're not supposed to) and now they're REPRODUCING!!!!! They are cute, though......

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KnitNana said...

Oh such lovely knitting! And goodness your poor sister! I don't think I realized this happened, and I'm so sorry.