Sunday, July 22, 2012

I just can't believe the kindness of knitters!

So, last week, I mentioned how much I wanted to do the queen bee sweater (still do). I even went and joined the KAL group. I'm waiting for the sale, which starts aug. 1, to buy my yarn. Well...over on the group, someone had posted that they had a couple of the skeins that they wanted to let go of. I emailed her, thinking I could get a bit of a discount and feel pretty good about it. She gifted them to me! I was totally shocked, amazed, appreciatave, and humbled. I will certianly pay it forward....... So, here are the 2 skeins of BFL, and another wollemeise, purchased from a stash, to make my sister some custom cabled gloves for christmas. The wollemeise is actually a really, really dark blue.
Thanks to the destasher, and the amazingly generous KT. yogi says thanks too. He just LOVES yarn. (maybe a little too much)
Thjis week, I'll cast on for the third and final round of camp loopy. I've chosen a pattern that's been in my que forever. The bug out socks, nice colorwork knee highs, why not? I'll leave you with a little garden eye candy. This is magnolia "edith bogue". Many years ago, I went on a search for this specific variety after falling in love with its HUGE blooms and wonderful lemony scent. Yes, that flower really IS as big as it looks, almost a foot across.

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KnitNana said...

LOVELY yarn, and Yogi is so funny!