Sunday, June 03, 2012

camping with loopy

Last summer I had a great time participating in camp loopy. This fun little adventure consists of 3 projects over 3 months, each with a different challenge. There are prizes, discounts and just general fun had by all. Of course, I'm doing it again!! The first challenge this summer is to make something designed by someone who is not from your home country. I chose a canadian designer, and some very pretty green fingering weight yarn and cast on. I'm making OK progress, I DO have until the end of the month. No pics, though quite yet. The sock is at a stall. I had a bit of confusion over the language for the heel, and I moved on to the camp project. Over on squiggi builds a house......the slab is done and we're expecting walls tomorrow. We should have most of a house by the end of the week. Exciting!!!! Here's a little garden eye candy to help with the lack of knitting content. This is for you knitnana......your favorite color!

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KnitNana said...

I LOVE Clematis - is that the Jackmanii? (am I remembering the name correctly)

It's just beautiful! And can't wait to see your shawl...