Sunday, March 18, 2012

slogging along

well, the rams and yowes part of the blankie is finished and I'm slowly slogging along on the border. I'm sad to say that I'm going to run out of yarn, and will have to order more to finish. I had to use a slightly larger needle, and it made just enough of a difference to matter. That's OK, though, because I'll add some extra for another project and probably make a rams and yowes pillow as well. I'll have to take a break, though, while the yarn comes from the UK.

The little prince KAL started this week....
I love this color, it just looks SO happy!

I also got my yarn to continue with the flight path KAL, and finished the second clue. It's starting up again tomorrow, but the clues are small and easily done.

In house news......well, there is no REAL news. Still waiting for the city to finish up. Hopefully this week things will cut loose. (and it won't snow)


AthertonCA said...

Your Rams & Yowes looks awesome!

KnitNana said...

Oh, boo, more yarn...a pillow of Rams and Ewes - boo hiss!!
(yeah, do you believe that? Ha!)
it's gorgeous, just gorgeous!