Sunday, September 26, 2010

we DID the puyallup!

So, last night we went to the fair to see Heart. I have to say, even after all these years those gals can still rock it out. What amazing voices. I think I'm getting old, though, my ears are still ringing!

At the fair, we saw some of these.......

there's almost nothing cuter than a baby pygmy goat.

Only one thing I can think of......

A baby boxer puppy!!!
(these are a bit blurry because they just refuse to hold still - imagine!)

Say hello to Yogi.
He'll be coming home with us next week. Check out the cute little wrinkle of skin right above his butt (the dog, not the guy) PUPPY BREATH!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and there was some yarn too......

Unique sheep gradience colorway ascent for the october CSK, purchased from a rav stash.
Birch is growing, nothing new to show there. Hopefully it'll be finished this week, and then I can move on to other stuff.


KnitNana said...

OMG! You're really going to have a menagerie!!!
What a doll he is...
(oh the yarn is great, too!)

yodafatkitty said...

Love doing the Puyallup! However, as we live so close, we don't actually go every year.
Funnel Cakes!!!