Saturday, July 17, 2010

not much knitting to show

but I have a great excuse! Meet Ozzie.....

he's a feisty little devil, with the meezer looks and the meezer VOICE!
there's been much barking and hissing in the last few days, but we seem to have reached an armed truce. "sigh" and, yes, he is a rescue from the humane society.
He'll fit in just fine.......

In the "I should have gotten more" category. Sanguine Gryphon bugga, blue lobster.
Really, I should have gotten more. It's such a beautiful blue/green, I just want to pet it and spread it out over the computer. Oh, and by the way, 20 percent cashmere.

Also, another round of the loopy ewe sock club. I wanted to do this club so that I could try different yarns and so far it's been great. The yarn is alchemy, the color "fall". It comes with a neck warmer pattern and a sock pattern. I think I like the socks better.......

And last but not least, not all yard sale scores are yarn. I probably scored enough reading material to keep me busy for quite a while.
Two twilight books, eclipse and breaking dawn,
a barbara kingsolver - laguna
Amy tan's the bonesetter's daughter
Dan Brown's the last symbol (this was my summer yard sale quest)
and the girl with the dragon tattoo
all for $6. Can't beat that!


KnitNana said...

OMG he's so adorable!!! I just want to come snuggle.
:) much yardage is in that Bugga? How about les Abeilles? Koigu ain't got nothin' on that blue!

And yes, I need to shop more yardsales...that's some score!

Bea said...

So cute!!!!